Is It Safe to Order Pet Medications Online?

is it safe to order pet medications onlineIt seems you can order practically anything online these days, and pet medications are no exception. While ordering your pet’s medications online can seem quite convenient, you have to make sure you show some care in how you go about it. Just like anything else, there’s some safe paths to ordering your pet’s medications online, and some not-so-safe ways of going about it.

Pet Medications: Ordering Online

How to Tell When It’s Risky

If you intend to order your pet’s medication online, there’s several things you should stay aware of. You’ll want to look out for red flags that indicate the place you’re intending to order from may not represent the right choice.

Does the online retailer advertise that it does not need a prescription?

Pet pharmacies are still pharmacies, whether online or off. As such, they should always require a prescription. Even if they sell stuff you don’t normally need a prescription for, it still makes the retailer stand out in a negative way for not requiring a prescription for medications that do require one. If they don’t ask for a prescription, it’s a red flag.

Are the prices simply too good to be true?

Discounts are fine, but if you come across a pet pharmacy that advertises ridiculously low prices, then you’re looking at another red flag.

Like most medications, pet medications have a certain level of oversight that dictates their prices. If you see prices that are far too low, show extreme caution. It can mean the meds are not the same ones you would purchase at a reputable establishment. It can mean they’re knock-offs, or that they come from illegal sources.

Is no one talking about the service?

People are more than willing to talk, at length, about their experiences with retailers online. If you can’t find anyone talking about, reviewing, or praising the online pet pharmacy you’re visiting, then you should probably stay away. Businesses rely on good reputation. If there’s no reputation at all, then beware.

Don’t let this all scare you away from ordering your pet medications online. There’s many very reputable and professional pet pharmacies out there.

How to Tell When It’s Safe

As previously stated, there’s quite a few reputable pet pharmacies out there. Generally, just by paying attention, you can usually figure out which service is a good one.

Going by the previous section, look for pet pharmacies with reasonable prices, prescription requirements, and a good reputation. You can go a step further and make sure the pharmacy has Vet-VIPPS seal of approval or a pharmacy verified website status.

You can always just ask your vet

Mostly, instead of taking guesses, just ask your vet whom they recommend. Your vet probably already knows of many reputable sites, or places where you can order your pet medications locally in Oklahoma.

They’re the professionals and deal with this sort of thing every day. They will know what online pharmacies are reputable and which you should avoid. They may even have options for you to order your pet medications through their own website, rather than sending you out to an unfamiliar place.

Before you do anything, contact Memorial Road Pet Hospital for more information!

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