Pet Hotel and Suites

kennel_worker_playswithdogsNow Sunday pickup!

We offer Sunday pickup from 5-6pm. Prepayment is required, so please make arrangements with the receptionist when booking!


We are proud to offer Edmond’s premier pet hotel and daycare experience. We took great care in designing our facility with your pets comfort and experience in mind. We understand that you have many options available, and are dedicated to making you and your pet feel comfortable coming back time after time.

We provide a staff that has your pets comfort and best interests at heart. You can rest easy knowing we have a registered veterinary technician overseeing your pet’s stay and any special needs taken care of.

We will monitory eating and drinking habits, and changes in stool or urination, and notifying you and your doctor of any urgent needs. We feel the advantage to boarding your pet with us is our
understanding the individual needs of your pets, administering medications if needed, ensuring that special diets are fed, and looking after the health of your pet on his/her stay.

Due to our close relationship with the Memorial Road Pet Hospital, our veterinary staff will always be available to take care of any health problems, special needs, or emergencies your pet may have.

We will have a variety of accommodations available for your pet, from spacious suites to lower priced options such as runs, as well as larger standard cages for smaller dogs and cats.

Benefits you can count on at The Bed and Biscuit:

  • Large Pet suites with soft beds, glass doors, and rooms with large windows to our courtyard
  • Larger standard spaces and runs depending on your pets needs
  • Separate enclosed room for cats, with large multi-compartment cages.
  • Ability to reliably administer medications and treatments you pet needs
  • Registered Veterinary Technician overseeing care, with Veterinarians on the premises
  • Large exercise yard for play
  • Playtimes available

Requirements for boarding pets:

  • All pets must be up to date on vaccinations and fecal exams. This ensures the health of your pet and others from potentially very contagious parasites and infections.
  • If new to Memorial Road Pet Hospital, please provide proof of vaccination and fecal test results.
  • We require twice yearly kennel cough vaccinations due to widespread outbreaks in recent years, and due to current literature indicating this vaccine may not provide protection for one year.
  • Please bring any special medications and foods to be fed with specific instructions for use.
  • All pets must be picked up during business hours Monday-Saturday
  • We are very busy with boarding over holidays, spring break, fall break, OU/Texas, etc. so please call in advance to ensure a reservation. We would love to have your pet stay with us.

Come see what everyone is raving about!

Hotel Tour

Lab_suiteOur suites are spacious, and include large beds, rugs, and windows/see through doors for your pet’s comfort.

Leave your loved ones with us knowing they will be at home, and having the best experience available.


maltese_groomedWe offer professional, all breed grooming in our comfortable grooming studio.

It is our promise to give your pet the most comfortable, friendly experience available. We will groom your pet to your liking, and assist you in making any choices in how your pet can look his or her best.

In our top of the line spa, we use premium shampoo products…all veterinarian approved. And if needed, we can provide special baths with medicated shampoos.

Your pet will receive a bath, blow dry, hair cut(if desired), nail trim, anal gland cleansing, and ear cleaning with every visit.

We treat your pets like our own, as nothing makes us happier than seeing your little ones come to us wagging their tails!

  • Professional all breed grooming
  • Compassionate care and special treatment
  • Top of the line coat care products
  • Medicated shampoos if needed
  • Special requests are always welcome

We schedule grooming by appointment only. Please contact us today to reserve your appointment date and time. We look forward to your visit!